Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Q6 Learning on technologies

In the editing, filming and researching process of making our production we used a variety of technology to help us create the film we wanted to have.
Using the sony handy cam

An example of a close up shot showing emotion
 The most obvious use of technology is the camera. We learnt how to pan shots, zoom in, angle the camera and a variety of other techniques to help our production. The camera we used was a sony handy cam as well as a tripod used to hold the camera steady whilst filming. The tripod proved very helpful in filming, as when we did testing in the place of filming we found it was very difficult to get steady camera shots which would have drastically effected how the film looked on camera especially in the tension we tried to create in editing would have looked like it was lacking a good steady shot. It was quite suprising how much we could do with the camera as well, we were able to get a variety of shots like mid shots, long shots and dutch angles, it was also helpful that the camera was easy to use and control when we were filming, although we should have included more extreme close ups as they are good for showing emotion which would have been useful for our production and they are common in psychological thrillers.
We also used applications like iMovie HD in the editing process,  LiveType for creating the idents and Audacity when creating the soundtrack. In iMovie HD we were able to use a variety of editing tools to make the production the way we thought it would look best such as making the flashbacks/dream sequences black and white to emphasize that they were in the past and make it easier for the audience to understand what they were seeing as in some of our feedback they said it was unclear which shots were in the dream and which were real.

We also used video sharing sites like Youtube to upload rough cuts, pre lim tasks and our vodcasts. As well as Youtube we also used social networking sites like Facebook where we uploaded our footage and we were able to get audience feedback which proved very helpful in the editing process.

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