Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Q5 Mode of address

When talking about how we could address our audience we considered the target audience (which relates heavily to the previous question 4) we wanted to include factors that fans of the genre would find interesting and would draw them in.

We thought that the audience would split into to types where they come to see a female star and they come to see a male star. Films like Chloe and Black Swan after watching them would probably draw in a male and female audience due to the romantic aspects of the films whereas Fight Club or Shutter Island would have a mainly male audience due to the action side of the films.

We adressed this when we decided that we would probably attract a mainly male audience which was our thinking from the start of production, it is for this reason we also never really considered having a female lead due to most of the films we are taking influence from have male leads.

We wanted to also create narrative enigma when making the lead character for our production, this is why we intentionally made him quite interpretive and didn't reveal much about him. We did this by for example giving him no dialogue. The reason for this is to draw in an audience who would be attracted to the mystery of who this character is.

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