Tuesday, 1 February 2011

BH - The conventional use of the flashback/foreword

Flashbacks are often used to explore a characters origins and how they became who they are during the film, in fact films such as Memento (2000) , by Chris Nolan is a great example of how a film adapts, it uses black and white to portray the difference between the past and the present. It is chronologically told in black and white scenes, but the coloured scenes are out of order, making the viewer think.

Vantage Point (2008) is also a great example it recalls the main event of the film from several different angles, and this is a very original take on the plot of the film. The new take or approach is jumping right into the moment (everything is already planned out, people and weapons in place, etc.) of the action and then telling it from eight different points of view. This is where some people may be mildly irritated because after you see one point of view everything is suddenly rewound and shown from the next person's point of view (this is done six times) before they all converge into a thrilling finale filled with one massive adrenaline-fuelled car/chase sequence.

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