Tuesday, 1 February 2011

All - Meet the group

Ben Hudson

Nickname: Benji
Favourite Film: Lost Highway (1997)
Hobbies: Video Games (Planescape Torment, Alan Wake), trollin' like a badman (problem?)
TV Show: The Shield
Idol: Trent Reznor
Notable Quotes: " ...that's what SHE said."

Conor O'Loughlin

Nickname: Meme expert
Favourite Film: LOTR: Fellowship of The Ring (2001)
Hobbies: Gaming, Music, being awesome 
TV Show: Scuzz TV, South Park, Family Guy
Idol: Ben Hudson
Notable Quotes: "I worship the ground Ben walks upon". "...Check 'em"

Connor Coulthurst

Nickname: CJ
Favourite Film(s): Big LebowskiZoolander,Harold and Kumar films
Hobbies: Basketball, guitar, henching about 
Tv shows:  House, Seth macfarlanes schizzz, Breaking bad, True Blood, Simpsons, South park and ANTM 
Idol: Keith Richards
Notable Quotes:  "F*@k Yea"

Hey guyz

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  1. overall, nice colourful post, tho i'd like some info on your media/filming areas of focus or roles ... and can i suggest we modify 'CJ's rather too frank profile please


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