Monday, 24 January 2011

The Shining Intro Deconstruction CC

The Shining 
IMDB rating 8.5/10
Dir Stanley Kubrick
Budget 22,000,000  
Gross 44,000,000
  • The camera starts panning on a large panoramic shot 
  • Island in the middle of lake shows isolation
  • Light on the right side and darkness on the left shows good vs bad 
  • Music starts immediately, eerie and suspenseful. The music is low and has a lot of bass.
  • Dutch angle covering landscape 
  • Aerial view of car travelling through long deserted roads, very rural and isolated, emphasises how far away from civilisation they are
  • Plain credits in light blue
  • Music becomes creepy and gets higher in pitch
  • Light and dark contrast again
  • Broken down cars could signify fate and death
  • Tunnel heads into darkness signifies a decent into madness
  • Same shot shown over and over
  • Credits in sans serif font 
  • Slight change in setting, they are travelling to snow
  • Hotel again shows isolation as it is in the middle of no where

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